Relationships Australia

Brand strategy, re-positioning and design


Voodoo was engaged by Relationships Australia National Office in early 2011 to complete a re-brand for the organisation. The original script brand mark had recently become a registered trademark and thus had to be retained. The project presented a number of challenges that had to be addressed:


Voodoo employs a highly collaborative approach to projects, believing that success is born out of the assimilation of multiple perspectives and the fostering of strong relationships with key stakeholders. This approach was evident throughout the re-brand project. At the commencement of the project, Voodoo facilitated a brand audit workshop involving key stakeholders from all State bodies which laid the foundations for the re-brand process. These stakeholders provided important input throughout the project. Internally, multiple designers, strategists and branding experts worked collaboratively on research, planning, concept development and design. Thorough focus group testing was conducted throughout the process and Voodoo worked closely with key stakeholders on refinement and the chosen brand style.


Involving stakeholders from the State bodies throughout the project and allowing them input at key milestones generated considerable goodwill and positivity towards the re-brand. The comprehensive research, planning and concept development process undertaken by Voodoo, complimented by thorough focus group testing, resulted in the creation of an extremely flexible and robust brand. In particular, the ease of application allowed State bodies with existing brand styles to seamlessly transition to the new brand while retaining existing elements of their individual brands. Despite fears that the State bodies would not adopt the new brand, all States have committed to adoption and are currently successfully transitioning over. The outpouring of enthusiasm and excitement from key stakeholders far exceeded what the client had anticipated and the feedback passed on to Voodoo has been overwhelmingly positive.