Kazar Slaven

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Kazar Slaven are a boutique, privately owned Chartered Accounting and Insolvency practice in Canberra. They had been trading for a number of years with only a logo as their primary piece of brand collateral. Kazar Slaven approached Voodoo to enhance their brand and develop a visual identity with depth and character that could help communicate their desire to help businesses in need of their services.


Insolvency practitioners are often joked about in the accounting world as the undertakers of their industry, and while the topic of insolvency isn't necessarily the cheeriest one, the brand did not have to be austere and stark. Kazar Slaven made it clear to us that their approach to working with clients was like a pathway towards trying to solve their financial problems, rather than simply shutting their doors. With this in mind, we worked with Kazar Slaven to approach their brand problem from two angles.

We introduced an adjusted logo and colour scheme to the brand that kept some elements from their old logo for recognisability, but moved away from such a conservative look. We then introduced a new brand element in the form of blocks and grids that represented the ‘rebuild’ approach that the firm takes - literally a visual representation of how the firm works with their clients.


Kazar Slaven were thrilled with their newly launched brand and released it into the market with renewed vigor. As a result of the re-brand and their refreshed marketing collateral, Kazar Slaven have increased their profile throughout Canberra and the surround regions.

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