Department of Infrastructure and Transport

Environment Graphics


The Department of Infrastructure and Transport approached Voodoo Creative to develop a large scale display that represented the evolution of the portfolio over the preceding century. The artwork needed to not only be an informative piece that represented the rich history of the Department, but also needed to serve as an artistic installation.


In collaboration with key Departmental stakeholders, Voodoo created an infographic measuring 2950mm by 1000mm which focused on a central time-line charting the Department’s history from 1916 to the present day. The infographic conveys the changes to the Department and the Ministers who have overseen the portfolio, and is combined with a collaged background of materials taken from the Department’s archives.


The infographic was printed digitally on a High Gloss Vinyl and mounted in reverse on 5mm Perspex. It serves as an interesting and informative piece in the Department’s main function area.

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